Paragraph 12 of Construction Program

Completion date: 2013

Project description: Construction of «Fisht» Olympic Stadium and intra- ground networks (40 thousand seats) (including design-survey works).

Responsible agent under the Program: SC «Olymstroy».

Location: Adlersky district, Sochi city, Imeretinskaya lowland.

Basic technical characteristics:

  • Capacity — 40 000 seats;
  • Area of construction — 50 654 m²;
  • Total area of the building — 128 480 m²;
  • Scope of construction works — 916 096 m³.

The environmental effect of the Site, range of measures aimed to minimize these effects: In accordance with Technical Assignment, the sections («Evaluation of environmental effect», «Protection of the environment») have been developed. The public hearings have been conducted in Sochi city to discuss documents concerning evaluation of environmental effect of the Olympic Venues in Sochi city (Minutes No.3g dated 23 July 2008).